technology R & D

R & D capabilities
At present, we can not only manufacture products according to customers' samples and drawings, but also can carry out independent development or the ability of customers to realize synchronous development according to customer's boundary dimensions, technical parameters, etc., and have successfully practiced synchronous development for many OEMs; The new product development of Shunjiang Company is carried out completely in accordance with the new product development management process specifications (in accordance with QS900, TS16949);
In recent years, due to the improvement of research and development capabilities, Shunjiang has successfully developed five categories of products with more than 200 varieties and specifications, and the annual contribution rate of new products is over 20%.
Unified development project team
Refine the development technology specialty. We will develop the project's benefits, technical process, and product design. Specialized subdivision of tooling and inspection tool design, process documents, etc.;
Realize project team management with technology as the core;
Realize a reasonable connection for the production and development of molds and tooling inspection tools;
Select the best management, and carry out special management of important customers and major events;
Development project technical process specialization
According to the specialization of the part structure, make full use of the characteristics of mature technical fields, and combine the development with previous similar experience;
According to the characteristics of the structure and customer requirements, the advantages are combined, the invention is innovative, and the production process is further improved to improve the quality; the company realizes injection molding, stamping, pipe bending, pipe flaring, aluminum bending, manipulator gas shielded welding, ultrasonic hot plate Welding, vibration friction welding, electrostatic spraying and other technology specialization.
Technical support advantage
The company continues to innovate in technology, has an automotive parts engineering technology center, independent research and development, and has completely independent intellectual property rights;
Carry out scientific and technological cooperation, cooperate with the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, and the Hydraulic Forming Engineering Center, Zhejiang University;
Combining the advantages of the local China Plastics City, China Mould City and other raw materials and mold technology strengths, fully integrating regional development and technical strength